Sunday, 21 July 2013

Giant crab!

This shocking image of a giant crab under a popular crabbing spot in Whitstable was taken last weekend. The boys were unaware of the danger, but as several passersby shouted to them, the crab slipped silently away under the water, into the dark, sideways.

An aerial photo of a much larger giant crab was shown in the Weird Whitstable exhibition earlier in the year. This is the first close up we have of one of these colossal crustaceans.

Have you seen this giant? 
If so, please leave a message in the comments.


  1. Well done! You made all the newspapers, including the front page of the Daily Star!

    Picture from Front Page:

  2. Hi Quinton,

    You'll be pleased to know that Crabzilla has been officially recognised in the The Whitstable Colouring Book which can be bought on Whitstable High Street and online at Amazon et al!