Thursday, 9 July 2015

The Ghost of Diamond Road *UPDATE*

The ghost of Diamond Road has been witnessed again! A grim spectre in a hooded cloak can be seen pointing menacingly at a postman. What does this mean? Has the postman been singled out? or does he have a parcel that won't fit through the new flat's letterbox?
As ever, please let me know your thoughts on this. But remember, try to sleep easy, theres bound to be an explanation.

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  1. Back when this was some kind of warehouse i would walk past here and every now and again the temperature would seem to drop slightly only within this area, not only that but it seemed to be a place of more rapid decay. What i mean is that only over the course of a couple years i noticed the concrete walls were falling apart with no signs of trauma, the gate was rusting at a much faster rate than you'd expect and the surrounding plants would wither and die well ahead of others. Perhaps this was just chemicals being used in the warehouse or perhaps its something else. Its worth noting that there are several "veins" running out of this exact location from a birds eye perspective - alleyways all coming to this point. Even stranger is that each vein has its own quirks. The one toward the school has an electricity supply and several times iv seen dead animals lying nearby it with no visible signs of shock or attack. The one right next to the location is a constant source of "existential graffiti" (if you look right now you'll see some) where people come to write things like "why are we here?".. or "im tired of this life", why do people come to this alley specifically and no others in whitstable to voice concerns of this nature? Finally, the one behind claire road frequently turns up decayed cars and old childhood toys. There are much more convenient locations, yet for some reason things are abandoned here more often. I haven't noticed anything since the flats have gone up but on walking past late at night i often get a sense that things are "too quiet" but only in this spot, and frequently a stray cat missing a tail can be found in this location which appears to be in a constant state of fear. What is bothering it? Why cant it leave this place if it is so frightened? It could be that im connecting dots which have no right in being connected, or it could be that theres more to this place at second glance worth looking into.