Sunday, 7 December 2014

Two Headed Cat

Artist's dramatisation by Quinton Winter
I saw this startling mutation at the end of the summer on the way to a meeting.

I glanced left, then right to cross St Peter's Road, and there, in the distance, on a window ledge was a cat. A black cat. A two headed black cat. Unfortunately, it was a rare occasion when I was out without the family camera, and so I was unable to record the sighting... but, just for you I took a moment this dark evening to put my memory to paper and bring you a sketch of the two headed cat of Whitstable.

Is there too much wifi in these dark streets causing genetic defects? Too many TV antennas? Is there Crabzilla crab meat in the Kitekat? Was I seeing things? Or was it simply the moggie's refection in the window?

If anyone else has seen this "cat", or if you're the owner, please get in touch. I'd love to know some details. Such as, does one head do the breathing, and the other head the eating? And does it have two separate pussycat personalities?
The full drawing showing multiple TV antennas.

Detail of the cat.

As ever, leave your comments below.

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