Sunday, 19 October 2014

#Crabzilla conquers the world!

I imagine that this time last week Crabzilla was bobbing gently in Whitstable Bay, quiet and calm, safe in the anonymous ocean, nibbling on a few trailers of oysters....

Then, the unthinkable happened... crab fame happened! Crabzilla was propelled around the world like a stone across a pond.

From page 26 of The Sunday Express, to the cover of the Daily Star.... to Loose Women on telly, Metro, Kent Messenger, Mail Online, Gawker, Independent, news websites in Australia, Germany, Serbia, Norway, New York, Huffington Post, India, Brazil, Sweden, allsorts of places all over the world too numerous to mention....then to Japan's Morning Bird show on AsahiTV, and last night to BBC's Have I got News For You!
Its even spawned a (fake) Crabzilla on Twitter!

A weird week indeed.... I hope for Crabzilla's sake its all gone quiet again. Keep your eyes peeled for signs of the beautiful Crabzilla. If you happen to see any evidence, or have a story to tell then please get in touch. I may post it on here, or it could be featured in an upcoming exhibition.

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