Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Lurker - eye-witness drawing!

There has been an incredible amount of interest in the last post about The Lurker - It seems I'm not the only Whitstable resident who has witnessed this nocturnal nightmare. 
I have received an email from a local father who's 12 year old daughter saw the beast last year, and was left quite shaken. This is a direct transcript from the email I received:
Last year our cat (George) went missing and my daughter was very upset.
She would look out of her window hoping George would appear. One night, just after the sun had gone down, she had gone up stairs to get ready for bed when we heard her scream.
We ran upstairs ‘What’s wrong?’ we asked. She explained she had been looking out of the window when she had seen a ‘thing’ in the back garden.
She continued it was neither a man or an animal. That it stood like a man but had long arms and moved like an animal.
The thing that had frightened her the most was it’s eyes which she said shone out in the dark.
I went outside to see if anything was there but I couldn’t see anything.
The following day my daughter drew the attached picture.

Many thanks to P.E. and N.R.E. of Whitstable - thanks for coming forward, and the drawing is fantastic!

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